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Are you a dynamic Driver Trained OT or an OT that has an interest in helping clients to gain access to the community? Are you our next high performer?


We offer flexible work options, growth opportunities, and outstanding outcomes for our clients.

It is the Williams OT’s mission to grow the best driver assessment and rehabilitation company for Australia. At Williams Occupational Therapy, Driver Assessments, and Rehab, we offer our employees the opportunity to be part of something great; the opportunity to really help people, and I mean really help people. We not only assess client’s driving when they have a disability, but we also assist clients with:

  • assisting passengers have greater access to their own vehicles
  • increase safety for passengers with behavioural issues
  • Assist clients with learning difficulties to gain their Ls
  • Train clients to drive with modifications
  • Train clients to drive with learning difficulties
  • Rehab clients specific for driving tasks
  • Prescribe and install driving aids and vehicle modifications

If you are chosen to join our team you will be part of a movement that looks to be the most comprehensive services for clients with a disability who wish to drive or gain greater access to the community.

You will not be stuck in a clinic that only sees a small number of diagnostic groups. You will have variety and you will help people with all types of disabilities and illnesses and ages 15 to 100+.

Not only that, but you will also have the flexibility to match work with your lifestyle. Do you have what it takes to be an OT at Williams OT – Driver assessments and Rehab?


The Right Person for the Position:

  • You are a Driver Trained OT (Occupational Therapist), preferably with assessment experience (but this is not vital – we will provide all the training you will need and more). Or you are an OT with a passion to assist people with access to their motor vehicles And have a desire to undertake the post-grad course to become driver trained in the future.

either way, you have a willingness to learn and grow, and if not already, a desire to become a standout performer in the area of driver rehab.

  • You are someone that has looked at www.facebook.com/WilliamsOccupationalTherapy and became very excited by the possibilities.
  • You are someone that has looked at www.williamsot.com/blog and found the content interesting and it has motivated you to work for us.
  • And you have looked all through www.williamsot.com and it has fuelled a desire to be a major player in the driver assessment and rehab world.
  • You are an outgoing practitioner and have a desire to excel in private practice.
  • You’re someone that likes a challenge and wants to grow your knowledge base and skills, and is eager to take on new and exciting work.
  • You understand that there are KPIs around billable hours, and also understand that we have processes in place to support you reach these, and sustain a healthy work/life balance, but also offer incentives for the high achievers.
  • You love change for the better and are happy to innovate and push boundaries with the right evidence. Perhaps you are an early career OT and aren’t fulfilled with your current job role and are limited by a restricted caseload, and you know that there are better opportunities waiting for you.

Perhaps you are an early career OT and aren’t fulfilled with your current job role and are limited by a restricted caseload, and you know that there are better opportunities waiting for you.

Maybe you have completed your training as a Driver Trained OT and now you want to really work in this area.

Or maybe you have been thinking I would like to do the Driver Assessment course but didn’t have the workplace to support you.


Things are about to change – read on to hear how:

We are not looking for someone who is looking to get a job to roll them over until the next opportunity comes along. We are looking for serious growth candidates.

You will be our future driver-trained OT and/or community access specialist and take pride in your dynamic career choice. You will take ownership of our vision; “The most trusted, all-inclusive brand helping people with a medical condition or disability experience the freedom and independence of driving” and live it every day.

You will have great people skills with fantastic communication, and enjoy working as part of a dynamic team. You also love to have a laugh and enjoy banter but also achieve high outcome measures in our vibrant culture.

What’s more, you will love the opportunity to become a rehab specialist in driving and enhance your knowledge and skills in vehicle modifications, AND, you want the possible opportunity to be trained as a driving instructor to really enhance your skills in rehabilitation.

You will love the PEO model. It is what we live by every day!


The Company:

Williams Occupational Therapy is not just an OT driver assessment service. Williams OT has developed and is continually refining a brand to be everything it can to get clients with a medical condition or disability on the road, either as the driver, or passenger, and is known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike. Our Staff developed the following statement:

  • “All the pieces of the puzzle to assist people to gain independence through driving”.


We are a well-established and award-winning, innovative, and progressive practice and are known for delivering excellent patient outcomes in a fun, friendly, and supportive environment.

Established in 2011, we are continuing to expand due to a popular following amongst patients, referrers, strong networks, and an excellent community reputation.

We are committed to helping all of our team to reach their potential both professionally and personally, and provide all the support necessary for you to reach your goals in a caring, fun, and supportive environment.

Williams OT lives by its core values.

  • Care
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Clinical excellence
  • Growth

Whether you are a young energetic newly trained Driver Trained OT looking for an inspiring practice to leapfrog years in your learning curve, or you are more experienced and want to expand your career opportunities and reach your true potential, you will love our team-first culture.

  • We care for each other,
  • We celebrate wins and enjoy our regular off-site catch-ups
  • We engage and enforce professional development and have a budget for offsite PD.
  • And talking of PD, we have valued the learning for a new OT who will undertake the driver trained course and undertake one on one training with Brad, CEO, as over $20,000. And that’s just in the first year.

If this is all sounding a little exciting, we would love to meet you.


The Location:

Williams OT is based in Adelaide SA. Adelaide has been voted the World’s 5th most liveable city & top 5 must-see regions in the world. Wow! We reckon this is a great place to live too. It was settled as a libertarian utopia and it still resembles this today. It is so easy to get around and is a great place to drive (just not in March)- you can still get a car park in the city center; rent and housing are affordable; and we have some of the best events such as the Adelaide 500, Womad, Fringe, and Adelaide festival. We have the Adelaide Oval and the best wine districts within easy reach.

If you are from interstate or rural SA, ask us about our relocation package. We have relocated bonus and offer flight packages yearly to help you get back home to see family and friends.

Although Williams OT is based in Adelaide the job itself offers great flexibility and we are set up for you to work remotely as required. The job is predominantly out on the road so the in-between work can be conducted from your home, the Williams OT office (if you are in Adelaide), or a cafe. Williams OT is looking to expand our model of practice into every state of Australia, so working remotely is worked into our structure. If you are applying from interstate, there is the opportunity to take what you have learned back to your home state and apply what you have learned here under the Williams OT banner and become your own business manager.


Should You Apply?

Short answer: YES

But we only want to hear from people who:

  • are qualified as a driver trained OT or have an OT qualification and a passion to learn about cars and vehicles and help people access them.
  • want to be part of a growing and innovative company.
  • don’t want to just come in and do the job and go home without caring. We are looking for passionate people with can-do attitudes.
  • want the opportunity to be more than just an assessor, and really want to become advanced in driver rehab and be a part of something positive for our clients.
  • like the idea of flexible work arrangements in a beautiful, peaceful city. That means you need to be able to work independently.
  • likes to travel on occasions

If you answered Yes to these questions, then you should get in contact.


What to do next:

Williams OT has multiple positions available for Driver Trained OTs / Community access OTs (who want to do the driver course in the future). We have contract work, permanent part-time positions, and full-time positions available due to rapid growth.

If you would like to know more, I encourage you to set up a call with me by sending me an SMS with the title of the position, your name, and number and I will get back to you and we can chat about the positions in more detail.

If you think you are the right person for the role of Driver Trained OT / Community access OT  in Williams OT, then we need to see your resume that highlights your past work experience. It does not need to highlight just OT services. We are looking for your growth potential.

  1. Email (to brad@williamsot.com) through an updated resume with the phone contacts of four referees.
  2. Send this with a cover letter as a word document of 500 to 1000 words addressing the following areas:
    1. I am the right person for the role of OT at Williams OT because………
    2. a client uses a wheelchair for all mobility but wanted to be more independent with her family, what would need to be considered?  and why? (clue – use the website for inspiration) 

Send all applications to brad@williamsot.com. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via email, our contact page, or by calling me direct on +61438381235

We look forward to hearing from you soon as we don’t expect this position to be unfilled for long.

Brad Williams


Williams OT Driver Assessments and Rehab

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