Disability Driving lessons

Williams Occupational Therapy (Williams OT) offers a specialised service for drivers with a disability, medical issue, or injury. We focus all of our attention on helping people with a disability meet their driving needs.

This results in a highly skilled and experienced team that understands YOUR specific needs.


Learner driver information


Prior to gaining your learner’s license

Before starting driving lessons with Williams OT, a driver will need to sit an occupational therapy driver assessment. You can find out more information about this process at the “Drivers With Disabilities” page.

Below is some additional information specific for learner drivers looking to gain their L’s:


  • Prior to applying for your learner’s license, you will need to seek medical clearance.  This can be done with a general practitioner, or specialist doctor familiar with the client eg Paediatrician.  The doctor needs to find a person to is stable and appropriate to learn to drive.
  • Practice for the theory test can occur at my license website:- https://www.mylicence.sa.gov.au/my-car-licence/practice-theory-test. If you need specialised assistance with an Occupational Therapist, Williams OT can assist in this area. Your OT will determine this in your initial assessment.
  • You will need to produce a completed fitness to drive form in order to be allowed to sit the learner’s test on road rules.
  • Your doctor may also recommend a practical on-road driving assessment by a specialist OT. This will be completed as part of your learning process once you have gained your learner’s permit.


Learning to drive


  • If specified by your doctor, or if you need further information on the best and most functional and safest way to drive, a comprehensive practical on-road driver assessment is recommended. If you have already completed your initial assessment with Williams OT, you will only need to undertake a practical component.
  • With Williams OT, your first driving lessons can be with the dual drained occupational therapist/driving instructor. We understand that your true performance is not always evident on the first outing in the vehicle. Nerves, experience, and equipment need to be considered and function can change in these early stages. Therefore, at Williams OT, unlike other OT practical driver assessment services, our on-road practical assessment is not restricted to a one-off performance. Our assessments are continuous and evolve with changes to your performance as you gain experience.
  • A learner program will be specific to your needs, your goals, and the requirements of the licensing authorities.
  • At Williams OT, we also strive to assist you to develop the skills to undertake driving lessons/practice with other key stakeholders. We offer train the trainer sessions to upskill mum, dad, or another important person so that they can remain calm, offer sound advice, and have an understanding of the requirements required to gain your license. We recommend watching the below videos together.


To find out more information on how NDIS can help fund part or all of this process, make sure that you check out our “Ultimate guide to driving and the NDIS”






Experienced Driver Information.

There is a large difference between the experience of a new driver and an established driver. At Williams OT we understand and take this into consideration. We also understand that it can be frustrating to undertake driver lessons as part of your rehabilitation plan to get back on the road. That is why we specialise in driver rehabilitation.

You will have had to have taken an Occupational Therapy driver assessment with Williams OT or through another service to access driver rehab services, however, when you become a Williams OT driver rehab client, you will know that you are in the best hands to help you get back on the road in the quickest, safest, and most cost-effective way.

At Williams OT you will have your rehabilitation intervention with a driving instructor with a dual qualification as an occupational therapist. The advantages of this approach are:


  • a qualified person that can interpret medical reports
  • inside knowledge of the state licensing authority requirements
  • an understanding of the requirements needed to pass a further assessment.
  • knowledge and experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of your medical issue or disability.


Modified Vehicles for Training

Williams Occupational Therapy has modified vehicles to assist with your training needs. We believe we have the largest range of equipment to try and use to make sure you get the best equipment for your needs. Whether you need a left foot accelerator, hand controls, steering aids, or mirror alterations, our vehicles are there for you to learn in.

Our qualifications also allow us to assist you in fitting out your unique vehicle requirements and then teach you how to drive your specific vehicle. Therefore, as a learner driver, or a driver who has been recommended lessons to adjust to a functional concern, Williams OT driving school will be there to assist.


How do I make contact?

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of the Williams OT’s unique training and rehabilitation approach to driving, we recommend that you make contact with Williams OT.

You can ring us on 0466 592 891 and make a booking today or fill out the referral form below.


If you would like to stay in touch and keep up to date with current trends or changes to driving standards, please sign up for our e-newsletter, there is a signup area at the bottom of this page, and please join us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see behind the scenes and find out about new products and services and all of the other action that happens at Williams OT.



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