Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

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Getting you going in the right direction with your driving with our dedicated motor instruction.

At Williams Occupational Therapy (OT) we understand that getting the right driving instructor can be very difficult. Whether it is learning to drive with Autism, a learning difficulty, or other cognitive, communication and vision issues, or if it is learning to drive with modifications in a vehicle, we understand that you need an instructor that has knowledge and experience, patience, and understands your disability.

That’s why we have trained our Driving Instructors to be like Occupational Therapists and trained our Occupational Therapists to become Driving Instructors.

Here is how we do it at Williams OT

It is important to note that we are not a typical driving school.

At Williams OT, our position is not to replace driving instructors but instead to work alongside other driving schools.

Our role is to get you up to speed and address your particular driving barriers related to your disability. We have a focused, dedicated service that pours its attention into the specifics of your individual need.


Complete an occupational therapy assessment. (You can find a link to the details of this here).


Your Occupational Therapist will develop a plan and internally refer you to a specific driving instructor or occupational therapist to work with you to address a specific need.


Your assessing Occupational Therapist may then review your progress and how you are going with the plan.



Your Occupational Therapist will outline a plan to work with a driving instructor of your choice once you have reached a level of independence.

Individualised Plans

Williams OT dedicated driving instruction and in-car occupational therapy sessions are very sought after due to the outcomes achieved. We do not accept outside referrals for lessons and instruction. All clients are required to complete an individual occupational therapy assessment and only selected people that meet the strict entry criteria are eligible.

Learner Drivers

  • If you are a learner and meet the criteria for either of our dedicated motor driving instruction or in-car occupational therapy intervention.
  • If you are deemed not ready to control a vehicle, you may work with one of our occupational therapists to develop skills and experience on our simulator.
  • If or when you are ready, your first driving lessons might be with the dual-trained occupational therapist/driving instructor. We understand that your true performance is not always evident on the first outing in the vehicle. Nerves, experience, and equipment need to be considered and function can change in these early stages. Therefore, at Williams OT, unlike other OT practical driver assessment services, our on-road practical assessment is not restricted to a one-off performance. Our assessments are continuous and evolve with changes to your performance as you gain experience.
  • Your learner program will be specific to your needs, your goals, and the requirements of the licensing authorities.

Experienced Driver Information

There is a large difference between the experience of a new driver and an established driver. At Williams OT we understand and consider this. We also understand that it can be frustrating to undertake driver lessons as part of your rehabilitation plan to get back on the road. That is why we focus in driver rehabilitation and tailor our programs to suit.

You need to undertake an Occupational Therapy driver assessment with Williams OT or through another service to access driver rehab services, however, when you become a Williams OT driver rehab client, you will know that you are in the best hands to help you get back on the road in the quickest, safest, and most cost-effective way.

Modified Vehicles for Training

Williams OT has modified vehicles to assist with your training needs. We believe we have the largest range of equipment to try to make sure you get the best equipment for your needs. Whether you need a left foot accelerator, hand controls, steering aids, or mirror alterations, our vehicles are there for you to try, but also learn in.

Williams OT can assist you in fitting out your vehicle and then teach you how to drive your specific vehicle. Therefore, as a learner driver, or a driver who has been recommended lessons to adjust to a functional concern, Williams OT will be there to assist.