Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

We’re already counting the day until Christmas!
But! Before that, we just celebrated OT Week between October 24th to 31st. To mark the occasion we celebrated Williams OT’s 10th Anniversary ? Check out all the amazing stuff that happened last October in our recap below:

Your favourite podcasters are interviewing a lot this month!

Yup! Brad and Ali of the Drive-ABLE Podcast interviewed a lot of amazing people this month! Lots to learn from every week plus not to mention some relatable content here and there! Check it out below to listen to some of their latest episodes

Our All-New Simulator has the word F-U-N in it!

Look what just arrived

This is our new simulator, here already. Huge thanks to for making this possible!

Here at Williams OT, we are finding ways to assist clients with intellectual disabilities, ASD and ADHD with their goals to drive

Testing out the new simulator and getting the feel of all the programs and levels.

It is very life-like, which is fantastic.

We can’t wait to get started with our clients in the very near future!

Time to test this with some mods like this spinner knob

Heavy Vehicle and Motor Bike Assessments

This is a special OT Week 2021 video that we did with another driver trained OT, Nicole. In this video, Brad Williams, our CEO, discusses what happens in a heavy vehicle assessment as well in a motor bike assessment. He also tells us why this is important and how doing these assessments can greatly help you in your driving and independence

Why we do what we do

I want to share what creativity and hard work can bring. This was rejected many times by NDIS, but we got there. The joy that our client gets from assistive technology is why we do it

10 Years with Williams OT

For OT week, we are celebrating 10 years of Williams OT service.

And today we are announcing that we are investing in a simulator to further assist drivers with learning difficulties, learning disabilities ASD, ADHD and we are hopeful that we will be able to connect this to a set of hand control in the near future.

Williams OT is all about assisting drivers with disabilities to drive and we are investing in the future.

Williams OT has had great talks with the founder of, Lisa Skaife and we hope to further develop training tools and strategies using their program with our OTs and driving instructors. This is an Australian driving simulator program with real-life Australian scenarios. We are so excited.

You can check out more information in the video below

Celebrate with Williams OT!

The whole team celebrated OT week and Williams OT turning 10!

WOT started just over 10 years ago when Bec Singh poached me from the Repat hospital

A huge shout out to her, in that first year she taught me so much.

For the first four years, I worked out of an uninsulated 1.5 by 1.5-meter woodshed with an extension cord running from the house. Spiders, geckos, scorching hot, bitterly cold, but loving every minute.

I worked part-time for three days a week like our OTs now. In 2013 Bec Singh and Nicole Nott closed their business and handed me all their clients and then it really was Williams OT, no contracting for anyone else. It’s funny because they have again joined forces and are now a competitor.

I was developing a waitlist of around 2 weeks and I thought this was a worry what will I do. Now we dream of a waitlist this long.

Still from the shed in 2015, I took my long service leave from the Hospital after 10 years and jumped into it full time. The funny part of that was having to go back after long service leave and do two more weeks, that was awkward.

I owe a lot to the Repat OT department for the support and long leash through the early days. Thank you to Nicole Thomas who helped start the admin role when it started to get busier in 2017.

However, I need to give an even bigger Thank You to the Repat for introducing me to Rommy. She was running the admin side of the driving clinic. Rommy left Repat about the same time as me and we went separate ways, but in late 2017, she came to work out of my new shed three days a week. We had moved house thanks to a new baby. This shed was bigger (slightly) and it had insulation. I thought it was luxury. Rommy not so much

Rommy you are amazing. I really mean it. You’re the mum of the business. The stable force and the one that helps us through. I can’t thank you enough.

In 2018, even with Rommy’s help, the waitlist was still growing, and we took on some contractors. This is a shout-out to Nikki Hayball, Rebecca Milton, and Michelle Mart.  Who got the OT roles kick-started.

We love Michelle.

Michelle started as a contractor and then an employee. She helped develop standards and op manuals. She was great for Williams OT and helped me immensely, even if she doesn’t know it. She is in the north of Australia right now living her adventure dreams and we really miss her.

Caitlin, Stacey, Larissa, and Wendy, you played big parts in establishing Williams OT when we started to grow. Thank you soooooo much.

We also had Cody, Sue, Sam, Rosie, and Stuart all play parts in growing to where we are now.

Also in about 2018, we met Trevor. Trevor was the first of our driving instructors. He has rocked and rolled with us trying to figure out how we can make instructors fit with the business. Trevor is who I model myself around in the car. Trevor, you are an amazing teacher of drivers, we are so glad you got your logbook qualifications.

Thank you to John Martin and David for assisting our drivers with special needs. You do an amazing job.

Franz came on board in a marketing role in 2017 and has done an amazing job.

It was also in 2017 that we started installing mods with Body Cycles. Again more learning and this got bigger and bigger as well.

At the end of 2018, we moved into the office above Willshire. We like it up there. It reminds me of my shed. Hot in summer and cold in winter. Unlike my shed, it does have air conditioning which is nice.
We have formed a good bond with the Willshire team, and as promised, we have helped grow Willshire Mobility. This year we will install a modification that will take us beyond $1m worth of funding for aids, modifications, and equipment and helping clients with disabilities.

But Williams OT is not about money. It is all about relationships and family and that is why we had this family event. Williams OT is all about supporting staff. The better-supported staff are, the more drivers with disabilities will benefit.

The OT team we have right now is amazing. Lorraine, you bring a huge smile to the office, and Heather, you are a superstar. And it is with great excitement that Heather will become our first senior driver trained OT in the next couple of weeks. Gianni, you are in good hands, and Skye, we hope you are back super soon.

I wonder what the next ten years will bring and thanks to everyone that has helped including Jo Muirhead, Tristan, Ed, Kate, Emily, and Bob.

One more shout out, and saved the best for last. My wife, Emma. You are the best. Em helps me try to switch off as I come through the door, she has helped me through so much. She also takes care of the kids so I can work stupid hours. I Love you so much.

For OT week, we celebrated by doing the activity of Lawn Bowls. It is a task that not many of us have done. A task that brings people together and brings meaning and implements so many elements of the PEO model. We hope everyone enjoys OT week and thanks to OTaus for what they do for the OT community.

As everyone knows, I am terrible with names, so if I have forgotten someone, it is par for the course.

An apology to everyone who had to listen to me at the Party when I got too emotional and could not get all of my speech out.

Last of all, thank you to the disability community for trusting us to help people to drive cars, trucks, motorbikes and anything else with wheels, plus helping people with disabilities get out and about in the community as a passenger. We would not be celebrating 10 years without you.

Brad Williams

Carospeed E.

Beautiful job by the mods team on this older vehicle.

This is the ergonomic Carospeed E. The toggle in the top of the controls does indication, horn, high beam, and wipers.

There’s a footplate to prevent spasms as well.

Happy days ahead!

Always Good to be Recognised

Just received this from OT Australia Association – huge thank you for this!

Dear Bradley,

OT Week 2021 celebrates participation, inclusion, and independence. As we reflect on this theme, we would like to thank you for your participation and inclusion as a member of the association and National Driving Taskforce.

In what has been another year of change and uncertainty, we are immensely grateful for the energy and expertise that you have contributed.

We simply could not operate and achieve our goals without members like you.

Have a wonderful OT Week!

Kind regards,

Carol Jewell
Professional Practice and Development

Get your Ls Online!

Did you know that you can now get your learner’s permit online?

For our clients with Autism, this might just change everything.

Gaining your Ls and NOT having to be in a room full of people, under pressure, and in an environment that is unfamiliar, could be the best change that MyLicence has ever done.

Williams OT is looking into this and looking at how we can further assist our clients with this new process, so keep an eye out for more details soon

With the all-new digital learning platform, myLs, you can now go at your own pace through activities and quizzes and gain access to the Learner’s Theory Test – all online.

myLs – creating better learners and safer drivers, whenever and wherever you are. Visit to find out more

All-New E-Radial from Fadiel

We handed over the vehicle yesterday afternoon, and she has already got it dirty.

This is the new e-radial from Fadiel. Thanks to the team at total ability for hooking us up

Wait until you see the boot and what we did there.

Just to let you know, this is a vehicle that has done over 300,000km and it is funded through the NDIS. So if someone tells you that you HAVE to buy a car that is less than 5yrs and 80000km, you need to see Williams OT

Check the new rear door opening so she can load her wheelchair.

If we are lucky, we might just see the wheelchair go in

Are you a holder of a learner’s or R-DATE motorcycle licence permit?

New changes to South Australia’s Motorcycle Graduated Licensing Scheme laws may impact you.

These changes, designed to reduce motorcycle crashes, will come into effect on 22 November 2021.

You can find further information about the new laws

Get Home Safe Foundation’s newest Silver Partner

Proud to be a board member of the get home safe foundation and also a member of ADTASA. Two great programs coming together to further road safety