Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

For individuals who have partial or complete lower limb injuries or other previous conditions, you may find that using the vehicles accelerator pedal to be difficult. The Accelerator Ring is an advanced control driving adaptation. It offers a natural driving position providing easy, controlled acceleration and braking. For many drivers, it provides one of the most satisfying driving experiences available.

The Under-ring accelerator ring attaches to the underneath of the steering wheel and makes it easy for you to accelerate the vehicle just by pulling or pushing on the ring. One of the standout features of the ring is that it can be attached and detached from the steering wheel quickly with ease, allowing the individual to switch to using the factory pedals if another person wishes to use the vehicle. The braking can also be hand controlled as it can be applied by simply pushing down on a toggle located just to the side of the steering wheel which is intuitive and extremely responsive.

The Over-ring attaches over the top of the steering wheel and is squeezed by the thumbs for acceleration. Combined with a push mechanical brake, the accelerator ring provides a natural driving position. The remote option reduces fitting time and wires and is easily removable between drivers.