Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Electronic Push/Pat hand controls is also installed off the steering wheel and its handle is pushed forwards to brake and pushed down towards the floor of the vehicle to accelerate, however the electronic accelerator is programmed into Fly-By-Wire accelerators making it light and responsive, significantly reducing the effort required and driving enjoyment. For the user, this translates into very smooth, progressive acceleration and non-tiring operation. For these reasons, the Electronic Radial Hand Controls can assist particularly when driving for an extended duration. The system also features an automatic accelerator cut-out safety feature for instances where the brake and accelerator are applied together. Depending on differing driving techniques, this feature is optional.

Thanks to the compact size of the Electronic Radial Accelerator, this unobtrusive system allows for easy entry and exit from the vehicle. It can also be used in vehicles where space limitations make it impossible fit mechanical radial hand controls. These hand controls have been designed to fit and operate in any vehicle.