Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Modifications include relocating switches and customising control configurations for windscreen wipers, electric windows, climate control, headlight dip and high beam to make them accessible to the driver.

These systems are designed and constructed on an individual basis and therefore differ in their complexity and method of operation. Control systems unique to the person can include the following:

Voice Control

Voice activated control whereby various secondary functions can be operated by voice command.

Multi-function single button

By holding the button a series of ascending tones will be heard. Each function is represented by a different tone and if the button is released at that tone, the vehicle function will operate. The button for sound control will be mounted in an accessible location for the driver such as next to the hand or in the headrest.

Headrest Indicators and Secondary Functions

.Headrest controls are either installed over the head rest or inside the head rest. By using the head and neck to direct button press or optionally by voice or sound control.