Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Do you know that a Driving Instructor and a Specialised Driving Instructor are two totally different areas of service? So, whether you are a plan manager, support coordinator, a client, or even family members of clients, this one’s for you!

Unless you watch this, there will always be questions about whether a specialised driving program is required.
And until you watch this, you will always question if it is worthwhile funding such programs.

Now, in this video below, Brad explains the difference between a driving instructor and a Specialised Driving Instructor service for clients with Autism. There is a big difference between teaching a client with Autism to drive compared to a standard learning program for a 16-year-old. So, Brad explains what his team do that makes it a specialised service.

Now, you might be wondering, what makes our driving instructors at Williams OT specialised?

Williams OT is a service specializing in assisting drivers with disabilities. This is all we do day in day out. We do not see drivers without a disability and focus all of our attention into this area. We review all current literature and peer review articles to assist with setting our driving lessons/rehabilitation sessions. Just check out this video of Brad below:

Our team of occupational therapists have advanced training in driver assessments and rehabilitation. These occupational therapists set rehab and training programs for the clients following a full and thorough assessment of their capabilities associated with a disability.

Our driving instructors have honed their skills working closely with Occupational Therapists trained in Driver Rehabilitation. They have received regular professional development sessions to improve knowledge in the rehabilitation field.  An area not usually covered by your standard driving instructor. Our driving instructors work one on one with occupational therapists to develop plans to move forward. They then continue to consult the occupational therapist to implement their plan to move forward and work with clients with disabilities and learning difficulties.

At Williams OT we are super proud of our team, and we don’t get nominated for awards for nothing. Our team undertake training and build knowledge to assist our clients all the time and our driving instructors work closely with the OTs in our team to form a unique and highly skilled service that I am not sure you will find elsewhere.

But is specialised driving instruction covered by NDIS?

Specialised Driving Instructor (0129) is on page 60 of 64 of the NDIS Support Catalogue (price guide).

It states:

“Driving lessons required due to the impact of participant’s disability. This item should be in response to a driver trained specialist Occupational Therapy Assessment.

Quote required item – Yes

NDIS report there is no cap on these services, hence recommendations from OT driver report should be followed. “

There has been lots of confusion around this topic, and lots of people being told that specialised driving instruction is no longer a supported item. This is not true and we hope the above helps. The

Do you want to know more?

If you ever get a request for a specialised driver training program from us and you are questioning funding, please seek more information as required.

We don’t want more of our clients not reaching their potential based on a funding decision that may have come from a lack of understanding between standard services and specialised services.

This is important, so if you want to know more, please send us a message through, or call us at 0466 592 891.