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Strive to Drive – May 2020

The world is still very much under the pandemic that the coronavirus has brought to us. But, the good news is, we here in South Australia are slowly recovering, and we hope the whole world is too. The team at Williams OT is starting to prepare for the new normal, not only for the team’s […]

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Strive to Drive – February 2020

February has gone by and boy, it’s been a fun-filled one. We’ve had some goodbyes, and we learned a lot as well! Before we start on to review this month’s highlights, we’d like to let everyone know that one of our OTs, Trevor Masefield has suffered an unfortunate ankle injury and might not be available […]

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Specialised Driving Instruction – what is it and how can it be justified

In this post, we are discussing all things to do with specialised driving instruction. What is a specialised driving instructor? There are driving instructors and then there are driving instructors. Then there are specialised driving instructors. It is important to note that according to our research on what is available to providers the NDIS/NDIA has […]

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Drivers with a Disability: Driving is Important

Driving is freedom often taken for granted. Unfortunately, disability, injury or illness can sometimes affect your ability to drive. When it does, a driver trained occupational therapist (OT) can help you gain, maintain, or regain your independence. A driver trained OT, through an assessment and rehabilitation focus can help build a person’s ability to get to […]

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Attn: Changes in NDIS

Attention local area coordinators (LAC), plan managers, participants of the NDIS, and all concerned… It has come to our repeated attention through feedback from local area coordinators, plan managers, and participants of the NDIS that there is a belief that specialise driving instruction is no longer covered by the NDIS. It has been portrayed to us that this is stemming from the […]

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The Ultimate Guide to the NDIS when driving is your goal

The Williams OT blog post for this month is something special, especially if you are in the NDIS space. Whether you are a client or participant, a care planner, or an NDIS local area coordinator, this post is for you. The Williams OT crew have been working in the NDIS space for a while now […]

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