Important Message from the Diretor and CEO

Hi, it’s Brad Williams here, founder of Williams OT.

You can read my background below and how Williams OT came to be what it is today. But I want you to do me a favour. As director of Williams OT, I want you to assess us and see if we are keeping our promises. We ask you about your needs for driving, why driving is important to you, and we assess your function accordingly. Well, I want you to do the same to us. I want you to assess us to make sure we live by our core values and position (services benefits Mission and Vision) statement. I want you to let me know personally at any time we are not living by these standards.

William OT Services Benefits mission and Vision Statement

Williams OT Core Values

I really thank you for taking the time to come to the website and have a look around. I look forward to seeing you out on the road enjoying the freedom and independence that comes from driving very soon.

Bradley Williams

CEO, Williams OT


Williams Occupational Therapy (Williams OT) is an Occupational Therapy Practice specialising in driver assessment and training for drivers with a medical condition. We are situated in Adelaide, South Australia.

Founder, Brad Williams opened the business in 2011 after managing Occupational Therapy driver assessments at the Repatriation General Hospital (Repat) from 2008 to 2015. This experience was invaluable and developed his skills in assessment and offered him an opportunity to learn from leading industry experts.


“Every risk is worth taking as long as it’s for a good cause and contributes to a good life”

(Richard Branson)

He dreamt of a health qualification when in school and after deciding that hospitality was no longer for him, he chose to be a mature-aged student and chose Occupational Therapy as there were multiple avenues within the specialisation.

Whilst studying he continually looked for ideas to spark his business dream.

Then, in his final placement at the Repat Hospital, he was introduced to the driver’s clinic. He was hooked – health care, a passion for driving, and what appeared to be a business possibility.

In 2008 this dream was granted and the passion for assisting drivers has never waned.

Brad was brought up with parents that ran a small business and his entrepreneurial business background meant that there was always a desire to start his own business. He saw the possibilities and Williams OT was born.

Brad Williams is now the director of a growing company that is taking his original vision of helping drivers with a disability in a more comprehensive manner and expanding this to be the best driver assessment, rehabilitation and vehicle modification company across Australia.

Williams OT Driving School At A Glance

Driver assessment, rehabilitation, training, and specialised equipment.

What is the advantage of doing driving lessons with Williams Occupational Therapy?

Williams Occupational Therapy doesn’t just do driving assessments. We assist with driving lessons for people with a disability or medical issues. We also assist with vehicle modifications to maximise freedom.

We do not teach regular learners (so please don’t ask?).

This means we have honed our skills to suit people in your situation. Our driving instructors receive extra training from the Occupational Therapists, however, that is not the last you will hear from our OTs. Your OT will be on call throughout your lessons to answer your questions and make sure our driving instructors meet your driving needs. Williams Occupational Therapy also takes this to the next level by having Occupational Therapists trained as Driving Instructors. That means that if you choose this type of instructor, you get the best of both professions sitting next to you, helping you through the learning process.

What are the benefits of having a driver assessment through Williams Occupational Therapy?

Williams Occupational Therapy is all about the driver with a disability. We get to know you and the reasons for driving and what may be standing in your way. We then do everything we can to help you achieve that goal.

Because this is the only area of practice and because of our exposure to so many assessments, we can often see avenues to driving that others may not.

How much is an Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment?

Contact our friendly team for the most up to date cost for an assessment, rehab program, training or modification. Call us on 0466 592 891 today.