Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Williams OT Logo in White


Learn about who we are and what we stand for.

When a logo is more than a picture.

It is easy to see that the Williams OT logo is an O and a T to represent Occupational Therapy, however, it represents so much more

  • The O also represents one of our clients who is on a journey, and the T represents a T-intersection. The client is placed at the intersection and has a choice to make. Go left, right, or back to where they were. Furthermore, the curving nature of the T represents a journey with twists and turns. Our team will help you navigate these decisions.
  • Most importantly, the logo represents the Williams OT staff. It resembles our team putting their arm around your shoulder to nurture, guide and assist you through the challenges along your journey. We are here to help.

This is why Nurturing is one of our core values. It is something that we live by at Williams OT. As well as Nurturing, our other core values are Drive, Can-Do Attitude, and Great Communication. We ask that you keep us accountable to our 4 core values and let us know if we are not living up to them.


Our Mission

“The centre of excellence for finding the best and most appropriate solutions to address access, mobility and driving issues. At Williams OT, we do this by excelling in providing exceptional client support by listening, responding to individual needs, recognising life experiences and perspectives, and understanding that we are leaders in advocating for people’s freedom and independence.”

This is not just a statement. At Williams OT, we are on a mission. A real mission. A mission with meaning and purpose. Everything we do is measured against this mission statement.

Meet the Team


Owner, Driver Trained OT and the wearer of many other hats


Clinical Lead Driver Trained Occupational Therapist and Driving Instructor


Clinical Lead Driver Trained Occupational Therapist and Driving Instructor (in training)


Driver Trained Occupational Therapist


Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist – Assistive Technology and Home Modifications


Practice Manager and Administration


Administration and Receptionist


Administration and Receptionist

Motor Vehicle Driving Instructors



Vehicle Modifications Liaison