Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Modified bathroom for person with a disability


Improve your access, safety and independence at home by finding practical design solutions that work for your lifestyle.

Home and environmental modifications are strategies that make changes to the structure, layout or fittings in your home or other meaningful environment to increase your function and access. We understand that these changes can have a big impact and that’s why we want to help find solutions to people with disabilities to move freely, making life easier and to live the life they want to live.

Stop Struggling and Start Enjoying Your Special Place

Williams OT wants to assist people with mobility issues have more freedom and independence by:

  • Reducing unsafe practices reaching for things that are out of reach.
  • Reducing falls by improving access with changes to steps, doors and doorways, both internal and external, including access to the mailbox, bins, clothesline and front and rear yard access.
  • Increasing circulation space for smoother and easier mobility around the Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Bedrooms and general living environments.
  • Maximising independence by assessing vehicle access and car parking space, lighting, and if required, public transport options.

Finding the right solution for you

An occupational therapy home or environmental assessment often can work hand in hand with an assistive technology assessment and prescription, however it can stand alone to help someone with their overall safety and access. It starts just like going to any medical practitioner or health provider. We start with an assessment to determine what is going on.


Here is our three step plan:


Complete a referral form if you have not already done so


Personalised home and environmental assessment to make sure the right equipment fits your life


Work with your Occupational Therapist to reach a goal that increases your function.

Williams OT Occupational Therapists start with:

  • Inspection of your environment
  • Observing your current function for what you can do and struggle with
  • Discussing your issues and goals with you and caregivers.
  • Measuring your equipment
  • Measuring your reach and physical abilities
  • Measuring the environment for solutions
  • Planning, selecting and negotiating interventions
  • Working with builders and specialists for technical advice
  • Create concept drawings and plans
  • Obtain quotes and designs
  • Complete comprehensive home modifications report and funding approvals applications

Following approvals, your Williams OT Occupational Therapist will:

  • Monitor the installation process and work with builders as required to complete the work.

  • Review the completed work against the desired outcome and provide education on the safe and appropriate use of your environment and the changes that may have taken place.
  • And if equipment has been prescribed, how your equipment works with the environmental changes.