Vehicle Modifications and Aids

Williams Occupational Therapy understands the freedom of driving- everyone deserves this chance. The right aid or vehicle modification can make the difference between being stuck at home relying on others or experiencing the independence that comes from driving.

Our aids and equipment are not just for clients who have completed a comprehensive assessment with one of our driver trained occupational therapists. We offer driver’s experienced with driving aids the opportunity to upgrade their controls through Williams OT.

We have spit our aids and modifications into two area, Driving aids and Vehicle access. As a driver, you may need one or both of these areas.


Our Workshops

Williams OT has handpicked preferred suppliers for who we believe best meet our client needs. These suppliers and their workshops mee the requirements of their state licensing authority and meet engineering and quality standards.

At Williams OT, you will always have the assistance of an occupational therapist determine the most functional and safest equipment for your needs.

With driving instructors as part of our team, you will be offered lessons and advice on how to use your equipment or aids.

You will not be sold a product based on shelf life, profit margin or sales gimmicks

Williams OT offer servicing to all equipment installations to make sure that your product maintains its function and safety.

We offer assessment, item recommendation, installation and training for the modification right for you.

You can find out more about our supplier relationship policy here.

Our Prescription Policy

It is our policy to install modifications with the least change to your vehicle as possible. Wherever possible we avoid drilling into the vehicle and cutting panels. What is the advantage of this? This approach increases the likelihood of transferring the modification to a new vehicle. It also increases the resale value of the car. No longer do you need to maintain a modified vehicle until it dies.

We have attempted to provide you with a compressive list of alterations, and equipment that can be installed at Williams OT, however, with advances in technology, new products are being introduced all the time. Furthermore, as a company with a holistic and healthcare core, we know that customisation of controls is frequently required and these products may not suit your exact needs. To find out more about a product, or a product that you can’t find in the links provided, or to find out how we can tailor the right product and alteration for you, we recommend that you make contact with Williams OT by filling out your details below in the client contact sheet and one of our team will get back in contact.

Alternatively, you can ring us on 0466 592 891 and make a booking today.

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