Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

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Helping you with your independence and safety through technology and equipment- including specialised beds, lifters, pressure care supports, powered and manual wheelchairs, scooters and much more.

“Assistive Technology (AT) comprises products (both mainstream and customised), environmental modifications, services and processes that enable the participation of people with disabilities in their daily activities” – (World Federation of OT 2019).

We could not have put it any better.

That’s why Williams OT wants to assist you and people with disabilities live their best lives by:

  • Being mobile and active with the right equipment.
  • Being able to access the environments that are meaningful for you.
  • And do it in a way that has as much comfort and safety as possible for your long term health.

Finding the right solution for you

An Occupational Therapy AT assessment is just like going to any medical practitioner or health provider. We start with an assessment to identify your priorities and to help make recommendations.


Complete a referral form so we can learn about you before your booking and get on our contact list.


Book in for your initial assessment to unpack your needs and functional challenges.


AT Williams OT, we complete a personalised home and environment assessment to make sure the right equipment fits your life. 


Work with your Occupational Therapist to reach your individual goal that increases your function. 

Williams OT has some of the most experienced and sought-after Occupational Therapists to help you with your assistive technology needs. Our links with providers and suppliers get you access to the best equipment and AT available. We often get referrals to fix other Occupational Therapist advice and prescriptions, and we don’t want this to happen to you.

To understand more about the process and how one of our assistive technology Occupational Therapists can help, click the link below to an interview that we did with our clinical lead OT. In the video, we unpack the process and the steps involved in our assessment process.

Your Assistive Technology Occupational Therapist can help you: