Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Women with mobility issues getting into a car


Even if you can’t drive, you should be able to go where you want when you want and not have to wait for an access cab.

Our Williams OT team understand that just because you can’t drive, you shouldn’t be stuck at home. Our hearts break when a person has to wait for hours for an access cab after an appointment. Waiting after one appointment is nothing compared to what people have to live through every day waiting and not knowing when their ride will arrive. We also understand that it is tiresome asking people for help all the time and to take you places.

We get it and that’s why we are passionate about finding solutions that include wheelchair-access vans, cars with turn out seats and other community transport solutions. Stop wasting your time and life away waiting and relying on others, and instead, experience the joy of choice and freedom.

Finding the right solution for you

An occupational therapy passenger and community mobility assessment is a bit different to a driver assessment as we don’t need to assess driving licence requirements. However, we still need to do a comprehensive assessment of the needs of the person, the vehicle (if there is one already selected) and even the function of the carer or care staff. Below is our three step plan. 


Here is our three step plan:


Complete a referral form so we can learn about you before your booking and get on our contact list.


Book in for your initial assessment where we can unpack your needs and barriers to getting out and about.


Work with your Occupational Therapist to find the solutions to increase your freedom.

How we can help:

Community mobility is defined as “moving around in the community and using public or private transportation, such as driving, walking, bicycling, or accessing and riding in buses, taxi cabs, or other transportation systems” (AOTA, 2008, p. 631).  

At Williams OT, we understand that if driving is not an option, other solutions need to be discovered. Our occupational therapy practitioners focus on enabling participation and community mobility across the lifespan. This includes transportation as an infant, child, or adult with disabilities. 

Williams Occupational Therapy evaluations for passenger and community mobility are tailored to the client and may focus on the following:  


  • Screening for passenger safety and can include wheelchair access cars and vans and other equipment solutions, including turn out seats, wheelchair stowage solutions and more.
  • Working with modifiers locally or interstate suppliers to find the right solutions to meet individual needs.
  • Find solutions for behavioural issues, such as behavioural harnesses or barriers for everyone’s safety. We also work through medical and passenger requirements if it is unsafe to wear a seatbelt.
  • Williams OT also offers assistance in community safety and offers assessment and training to use public transportation other than a private vehicle.