Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Part 1

Just recently, we attended the 2019 Occupational Therapy Conference in Sydney. We are so excited to share the amazing time that we had, and of course, the new modifications that are coming your way.

Check out the series of videos below and join us in our journey! 😉

First up is the Wheel Air from Mobility Wholesale Distributors. It’s a nifty tool perfect for those with MS or for those who are in wheelchairs. This is specifically designed to use in a wheelchair but we think this can also come in handy in our vehicles – especially with the Australian Summer heat! What it does is it releases cool air out from the pads and helps you stay cool.

Check it out with a quick demo below.

Up next is this really neat remote controlled wheelchair. This wheelchair can be controlled or “driven” via a mobile phone app. Do you think this could be the next big thing?

We’ve discussed this with the team behind Mobility Engineering, and we’ve certainly come up with a solution to place a lifter for this remote-controlled wheelchair. Now the next thing to think of is which lifters are required depending on your vehicle. Now, that is, amazing. Get in contact with us if you want to know more about having a remote-controlled wheelchair and a lifter to add!

This is like a Wymo with a Roof Rack Cover and it’s all very automatic. The Chair Topper works like this. You place your wheelchair near the front door and then it lifts your wheelchair unto the roof with a click of a button and then is covered so it’s safe from dust and rain. For those wheelchair users, we would love your opinion on this, would you love this on your vehicle?

This cool product here is a foldable scooter, which you can bring inside your vehicle without occupying too much space. It’s also not that heavy so you can lift it easily, or we can put in a lifter to help with that too. This is a three-wheeled option compared to the Solax Genie that we have previously featured.

Now with all these new technologies and new modifications coming into the market, we are proud to announce that we will be having a new Williams OT test vehicle soon! And we would love your thoughts on the vehicle modifications that we will be installing. Check it out from the videos below.

The team here at Williams OT are all very excited about these new modifications which can greatly help you or your clients to gain their independence back.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog wherein we talk about the seminars that we attended during the Occupational Therapy Conference.

This will include the most recent research around driving with a medical condition or disability, plus community mobility, PLUS, what OTs are doing in the field. ???