April 2018 Highlights + More

April has come and by with all the wonderful things that happened. We celebrated the month with colourful Easter happenings, and also we had lots of long weekends to spend quality time with the family and friends.

Coming in the month of May, we have loads of exciting things to look forward to. But before that, check out some of our highlights for the month of April.


April Featured Blog Post

We’ve recently celebrated World Autism Awareness Day last April 2, a yearly event that rolls into Autism Awareness month and aims to put a spotlight on the hurdles that people with autism – and others living with autism – face every day. To find out how people with Autism are successfully driving with the help of Williams OT, click here to read more.


aprilApril Featured Vehicle Modification

Seen here is a DSNP hand control fitted to assist another client return to the freedom and independence experienced through driving. We are the only company in Australia installing this modification. it runs in the steering shaft increasing knee clearance. Do you have a client or a relative who might be interested in having one fitted for their vehicle too? Email us at admin@williamsot.com





aprilApril Client of the Month

This guy was struggling to stay centered 😆 on his side of the road and was losing all motivation. Our assessment identified a “lazy” left eye. Take it out of the equation, get a haircut (a haircut does not alter driving performance) and all of a sudden we are kicking goals again. To schedule your own driver and driving assessments, feel free to contact us through admin@williamsot.com or call our hotline 0466 592 891




Upcoming Awareness Days/Weeks for the Month of May

  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day May 17
  • Schizophrenia Awareness Week May 20-27
  • Spinal Health Week May 25-31

Some interesting articles for you…

We have looked through the recent research and picked the best articles just for you. Some are specific to driving, some are specific to OT, and others are just a good read (Click to read the article)

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