Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Last month, we had the privilege to be contacted by Today Tonight reporter Callum MacPherson. He wanted to do a feature on one of our clients, Nick.

Nick’s story and progress were one of our favourites. Nick’s desire to drive and be able to be independent is what had kept us going and keep pushing to try different modifications that would suit him and his condition. We first captured Nick’s story in an interview for our site. Click here to know more about Nick’s story.

Watch the full Today Tonight interview with Nick here

space drive

Now it is your turn

As you can see, we have used state of the art technology to make this all possible. This is with the help of Problem Management Engineering who has the technology to help Nick drive, despite physical limitations that would otherwise keep him off the road. This modification is called the space drive technology.

space drive

Similarly, we’ll be having a modified high-level assessment vehicle come to Adelaide this October. The Total Ability van has similar features such as a remote steering wheel, power accelerators, voice controls for wipers and lights – how cool is that? It also has controls for one-handed steering and also foot steering for those who have bilateral upper issues.


As you can see with Nick’s story (and all of our other clients’ stories too), being able to drive isn’t just something to be thought of as “something simple.” For them, being able to drive means having that first step to being independent again, and do things they love to do. Whether it’ll be a trip to their favourite place, a trip to work, or being able to drive their loved ones around.

And if you have a disability and want to trial similar modifications, make sure you comment “Space Drive” in the comments below, or send us an email and we will get in touch.

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space drive