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Did You Miss Our February Community conference call?

On Feb 3rd 2017, Williams OT held  Community conference call.

Every month, Brad Williams, Director and founder of Williams OT, jumps on the phone to answer your questions.  It doesn’t matter if you are a client, doctor, case manager, fleet manager or from another agency, you are all invited to be part of our community.

This month we discussed the most recent blog post and unpacked some of the community transport options when driving can be more difficult. If you have not yet had the chance, we recommend that you have a look at the written blog post here while listening.

Like To Listen to our Recorded Community conference call*:

Dial – 61 (0) 3 8672 0189
Enter Access Code – 300663#

Reference – 2#

The call recording is 20 minutes.

Did you listen yet????

Maybe the Feb Community conference call didn’t get to the point you were after…


At the next monthly community teleconference you will be able to ask me any question you like about driving and driving with a medical condition.


We will also discuss our most recent blog post. We would love to hear your feedback. Or maybe you have your own topic of conversation around driving. Be sure to join us at our next community teleconference and bring it to our attention.

Calls are held on the first Friday of every month at 12pm Australian Central time.

Our future sessions for this year, 2017 are:
– 3/3 – 7/4 – 5/5 – 2/6

To get a personal invite to our next session? Fill out the contact details to the right and join our newsletter.


*Fine print
Normal long distance charges by each caller’s carrier apply. Check your carrier for more details. There will be no bill or charges from Williams OT or the host for this service.

No part of this recording can be used without the written consent of Williams Occupational Therapy. The information discussed in this teleconference is advisory only. Topics and questions discussed are advisory only and specific to the questions asked. Clients are encouraged to seek their own personal information specific to their own needs. Please note that every medical condition and client story is different and the advice provided may not be suitable for you. To seek more information visit our contact page.