Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Can you believe it’s October already?
Time flies fast when you enjoy and love what you do! Speaking of which, I know a lot of us have gone out into little holidays but please make sure to still stay safe and be careful because COVID is still out there – I know, bummer! But, moving on, let’s have a quick look at what happened during September, shall we?

Your favourite podcasters are interviewing a lot this month!

Yup! Brad and Ali of the Drive-ABLE Podcast interviewed a lot of amazing people this month! Lots to learn from every week plus not to mention some relatable content here and there! Check it out below to listen to some of their latest episodes

Regional Road Safety Alliance

Great to be presenting at the Regional Road Safety alliance with the Get Home Safe Foundation! Loving all the other great car modifications too!

PS: Look for Mr Shiny Bald Head Guy ?✌️

Driving with Multiple Sclerosis

A great conversion for someone with Multiple Sclerosis impacting her right leg. For her, it was a Kivi SRL left-foot accelerator, a self-folding solax genie mobility scooter, and an Autochair boot lifter.

If you need an assessment to see what will work for you, then let us know

Hand controls and left-foot accelerator

We had another Professional Development with the team this week. We were trialling the Fadiel Italiana satellite hand control and the Kivi SRL  electronic left foot accelerator in the Williams OT car.

There is nothing like real insight

Driving Lessons with Williams OT

When appropriate, we take clients out for lessons in their own car. He had the spinner knob installed on his vehicle thanks to NDIS. Now we prep for a Dept of Transport final test

Don’t forget, you can also watch our Learn-to-Drive Mini series at home and maybe review the tips and tricks to help you practice driving better

We love a good spinner knob!

Testing out a newly installed Williams OT spinner knob before handing it over to the client.

This client has had a stroke affecting the right arm

Is your car your office?

Office ergonomics is not just for your desk, it includes your car too.

Brad explains how an assessment can help.

Comment “ergonomics” in the comments section below and we will make sure we get back to you with some more info.

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Education Day

We were asked to do some professional development training for the occupational therapists from Brain Injury SA

We spoke about when to refer for an OT assessment but also about mods so they are better informed to assist clients as passengers.

Three cars and lots of modifications, what a lot of fun