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What a month it has been! And we think all of you would definitely agree. Since our last monthly newsletter the world has changed we were mostly in quarantine or practising social distancing. There were almost daily changes at the start of the month but it appears that things are finally starting to look more positive as we head into May. We can only wish it can go away soon.

Driver Lessons – On Hold

Speaking of social distancing, our driver lessons, are on hold until further notice. The SA State Government has shut down the Driver Training and Licensing industry due to the current Covid-19 crisis.

But not to worry because, people who hold a learner’s permit will still be able to undertake driver training with a parent or other Qualified Supervising Driver who is living in the same house as the learner driver. If you are a client of Williams OT you should have received a text message or email from us regarding this. If you did not please let us know as soon as possible.

In-home Driving Lessons? YES it’s possible!

We apologise to all our students and we look forward to when the ban lifts. In the meantime, we have been over-delivering in a new way. We have not been sitting on our hands. Williams OT has been recording video lessons. Family learner driving can continue. So our videos might just be the key through this school holiday period.

So, these videos, are available at

Parents, you can update your knowledge here too. Instead of teaching learners bad habits, teach at the right level with the right information. Don’t set them up to fail their driving test at their first attempt. And don’t waste time waiting for driving instructors to come back (we don’t know how long that will be).

These videos are designed for parents and students to watch together. You can watch them in the car as you go (make sure you understand your responsibilities prior to doing this by watching the intro video).

You can watch these videos anytime at your convenience – but make sure to follow road rules too! Like, don’t watch these videos when you are actually driving. Make sure you keep that link handy and stay updated as we continue to upload new videos each week!

Featured Vehicle Modifications

Do you use a wheelchair but would prefer to drive a utility? This might be the solution for you.

The team at Williams OT have had this lifter and transfer seat and hand controls installed so our client with a spinal cord injury can continue to live and tend to her Farm.

We are looking for people with Multiple Sclerosis

We are still looking for people with Multiple Sclerosis(MS) who want to drive safely and with ease for within the next 60 days. May is MS awareness month so let’s kick it off with a bang

Email us at with the subject Drive with Multiple Sclerosis and we’ll send you the details.

We know that drivers with MS tend to leave it too late. We see drivers who lift their leg between the accelerator and brake with their hands. We see drivers that have had a minor accident before they do something about it. We see clients that have stopped driving because they don’t feel safe anymore.

We don’t want this to be the case for you.

Email us and we will send you all the details of how you could be independent and safe with driving. With all the hand controls and other technology out there, and with NDIS there to assist with funding. now is the time.

As it says above, we are looking for people with Multiple Sclerosis who want to drive safely and with ease for within the next 60 days.

Wheelchair Storage Robot? ?

If you need a wheelchair storage solution that is not a box on the roof, Or you have an Abiloader and you need an upgrade, Check this out.

It has more reach to the front door, it can be for a smaller boot (or even sedan with a folding frame) and it can be better programmed to go over other car bonnets and fit in smaller spaces along side the car.

Awesome product. Check out more videos soon as we install one of these in the near future.

Missing your family during the pandemic?

Can I use my transport funds to visit family members during the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, whilst adhering to the government advice, you can continue to use your transport funds for your disability related services and supports.

The Australian Government’s advice to slow the spread of coronavirus requires all Australians to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Some states advise not to visit family and friends at this time.

Read more here ?

Is Williams OT Open?

YES, we’re open!

Driver Assessments and vehicle modifications still continue. In fact, we recently trialled three different options for a client who is a passenger and requires a sling lifter transfer nowadays.

What do you think is the best option and what do you think we went with?

1. A wheelchair access van
2. A hoist for the front passenger seat
3. A turn out passenger seat that converts to a wheelchair.

NDIS love trial of options when it comes to Assistive technology applications. At Williams OT, we understand that and have some if the most option available for trial in Australia.

Unlike other OT services, this is what we do every day. We understand what is required to apply for funding. We understand the complexities. But more importantly, we understand the products and options available and can trial most of them.

Fatality Free Friday

As part the digital campaign for Fatality Free Friday this year, we are looking for individuals to show their support and upload an image to be used to help spread the road safety message and drive this year’s campaign. As part of Fatality Free Friday, we are calling on the community to “take the pledge”, and ARSF invites all Australian’s to be a part of the digital campaign to encourage the community to “Choose Road Safety”.  We are looking to create a mosaic theme, with 1,194 images of everyday people;  families of road trauma victims, first responders, community road safety advocates and supporters and those directly affected by road trauma. The number, representing the 1,194 Australians died on our roads in 2019. The final image created will form the visual message for Fatality Free Friday.If you can please share the link below and encourage others to get involved.

We are looking for:

  • Individuals that would like to help share the message
  • First responders
  • Families and Friends of road trauma victims
  • Those directly affected by road trauma

 It’s an opportunity for everyone to show their support by uploading a photo of themselves.  It would be great if you could SHARE this with your colleagues, family and friends, and invite them to support road safety by uploading an image of themselves.  They can also share the link with family and friends.

Bioptic Driving

As you may know, Our CEO and founder, Brad Williams, was involved in a research and development program for bioptic driving and has been one of the first few who have recommended this to a client.

The research has now been published and is ready for public viewing. Click here to download:

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