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Strive to Drive Newsletter- May 2021

Wow. It’s June already? May has been nothing but wonderful and busy here at Williams OT and YOU are definitely part of it! You might have noticed that our monthly Strive to Drive has taken a little holiday break but, hey, we’re back and better than ever! Check out what kept us busy last May!

Truck Assessments

Truck assessments for return to work post-injury are something we regularly do at Williams OT.

It is a full-function capacity assessment specific to the role of truck driving. On this occasion, it was for an injured shoulder.

BraunAbility Chair Topper

This Chair Topper from BraunAbility will make you say, “Wow, and there it goes”

If you are interested in this product for your wheelchair, then make sure you reach out to us here at Williams OT. We have one on our demo vehicle and what makes it great is that you don’t necessarily need an SUV or a large vehicle to make it wheelchair accessible.

Drive-Able Podcast

If you have noticed, Ali Akbarian from Mobility Engineering and I have started a podcast called the Drive-Able Podcast where we interview and discuss with people from all walks of life including people with disabilities, those who have experience with vehicle modifications, fellow Occupational Therapists, people who have dealt with the NDIS, and many more.

Check out our latest episode featuring Dee Ellen, who is a carer for people with disabilities which is such a significant role. Let’s hear what she has to say and hopefully, we can shed some light on this.

You can also listen to the Drive-Able Podcast on
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Get Home Safe Foundation Gala 2021

Check out the fun times that were had at the Get Home Safe Foundation Gala on Friday the 21st of May. The get home safe foundation promotes a strong message about arriving home safe to your family on every road trip whether it is a country drive or your commute to work and everything else in between. The gala is our major fundraising event for the year for us to now continue with the great programs to build awareness and hopefully reduce the impact road accidents have on families.

We are so proud to support this fantastic cause. Everyone should want to get home safe for their family. The gala is growing both in prestigious and fun times. Who’s going to go next year?

I am so proud to be a board member and have Williams OT as a silver sponsor of the Get Home Safe Foundation. Its message is something that means so much. I lost my uncle in a car accident and it has had a huge impact on my family.

Get on board. Just $25 a year. That’s all. Your tax-deductible donation can make a huge difference.

The board members of the Get Home Safe Foundation

PS: Check out this handsome member who’s really loving what we are doing over at Williams OT and the Get Home Safe Foundation ??

Why are we hell-bent on left-side hand controls?

Not many people, as far as we know, prescribe for the left side when considering hand controls, but we think there is a mountain of mechanical advantages.

It might not be the right fit for everyone and every case is different, so if you want to know if it is the right fit for you, get in contact with Williams OT

Driver Lessons

Even if you have been driving for many years,  driving with one hand can be tricky, especially in reverse. We don’t stop there, we even try reverse parallel parking too, even if it is not in a test to get your licence back.

We want our drivers to not just pass, but have confidence in all aspects of driving when facing the road with a disability.

You can also watch our Learn-to-Drive with Williams OT series to help you practice your driving skills. Don’t forget to buckle up and check your mirrors before driving! Please DON’T watch these videos while driving – watch these BEFORE you drive.

Buying modified imported vehicles

This is a good information video if you are thinking of buying an imported vehicle that is already modified for wheelchair access.

Why use a left-foot accelerator?

The Kivi left-foot accelerator is electronic and turns on with the press of a button. If you have balance issues and a right foot that doesn’t work (ie, MS) this might be a great answer.

This is another left-foot accelerator that is an older flip-up and flip-down model.

This right here is the most popular left-foot accelerator by far. Watch the video below to find out why.

Our wonderful client right here just passed his practical drive with the department of transport using a left-foot accelerator and Williams OT electronic spinner knob.

Huge effort after a huge stroke.

Do take note that every case is different and results may vary for different drivers, that is why trials and assessments are so important. Not one product is right for everyone. Contact us at Williams OT to find the right fit for you.

This book came recommended and I have been listening on my commute to and from work. It really is a good overview for parents and care give us of people with my functioning ASD. There are some gold nuggets in this book.

We will work with the specialised driving instructors that teach Williams OT clients and look to further enhance their strategies based on some of the elements outlined in this book.

Let us know if you have read it and what your thoughts are.

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