Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Hey everyone, how’s everyone holding up so far? As you may know, we’ve released a series of videos to teach people how to drive while people are restricted from formal driving lessons. These lessons are, of course, to be used by the learner driver with the help of mum, dad, family relative or other supervising driving.

And, with everything that we do, one of our top concerns is safety – for you to be able to get home safe, both now and when the driver goes it alone. So, we partnered up with Darren Davis, the President of the Get Home Safe Foundation, and interviewed him for some driver safety tips.

Despite social distancing and more people at home, there has been some horrific road toll through this period. You might have heard that 4 police officers were killed in a car crash because some driver was not being safe on the road. And this is something we are strongly against. And SAs road toll is on track to be worse than last year despite more people being at home. Williams OT, together with the Get Home Safe Foundation are strong advocated for driver and road safety.

This video will, later on, be added to our Driving Lesson series. However, we think it is so important that we are releasing this video early so that everyone, learner drivers, and professional drivers, can be aware of some of the dangers that we encounter on the road.

Just check out our interview with Darren Davis in the video down below

We would love your feedback and comments below. What are your pet peeve on the road? What is the most unsafe thing you have seen?

And don’t forget we have our video driving lessons that we are releasing one by one. you can check them out by hitting the button below