Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

At Williams OT, we are starting off 2018 with a BANG!

The Williams OT  one word moto is “UTMOST”

We will do our “utmost” to assist a client with a medical condition or disability to gain, maintain or regain their driver’s licence.

Williams OT will do its “utmost” to build a business model to support the above statement.

As part of this, over the last part of 2017, our team worked very hard to redevelop a new section of our website.

Have you had a look at our newly added pages here at our website?

vehicle modifications

If a physical issue is starting to impact on driving, it can be scary. If your feet slip off or between the pedals or you haven’t got the strength to steer with both hands or could lead to a potential accident. But what our clients tell us is that the loss of independence can be even scarier. Relying on others to get you around can be very confronting. If you haven’t gained your licence yet, it can be scary to think that Mum or Dad will have to drive you around for the rest of their life.

Have you seen my mum drive, that is very scary! 😯 

You may or may not know, but Williams OT sources and installs equipment and modifications to vehicles to best meet the driver’s needs and get them on the road in the safest and most appropriate way. We do not have a warehouse full items that have to be sold on to customers and we do not have pushy staff.

At Williams OT we conduct a thorough assessment of your needs with a qualified OT. We look at your physical needs and the ongoing physical demands on the driver’s body to make driving as comfortable and injury free into the future. Thanks to our driver’s assessments, we go in and match the best product that will fit your needs.

We go by a philosophy called PEO – which means: person, environment, and occupation (activity). This means that we don’t just go and give you a product because you saw it on the internet and think it might suit you. We analyse the person and their physical ability to drive a vehicle. Then we look at when and where they will be driving it, and of course, the vehicle. We then match this to the huge array of modifications available.

vehicle modifications

Screenshot of one of our new pages

To help clients, their carers and their insurance agencies, we have developed a new section of our website to educate you on what types of modifications are available. The new “Vehicle Modifications” section of our website has been designed for you to go on an and exploration for what might suit the driver. It allows people to explore driving aids that they may not have known about before.

“Explore and Dream”

We love it when our clients come to use with an idea and prior knowledge. Nobody knows the physical elements of a disability better than the person that lives with it every day. We match this with our assessment process, and our knowledge of modifications to get the best outcomes for our clients.

vehicle modifications

Screenshot of one of our new pages

If you go for an explore, and I recommend that you do, you might notice some specific products and pictures from one supplier more than another. This is for educational use only. We are not product specific. There are many products and brands that sell very similar designs and functions. You’ll see in there lots of different vehicle modifications that we can install for your vehicle. But our list of modifications doesn’t stop there. We search high and low from a large network of brands and see which product or modification will be the “one” for you. If there is a product that we can’t install to your vehicle, we will put you in touch with a company that can. If that can’t be done, it simply can’t be achieved or it won’t meet Australian guidelines.

Section one

Williams OT specialises in getting the driver on the road. We have dedicated half of the vehicle modification section to driver aids. Here you will find a vast array of modifications that are available to the driver to assist them to drive. The aids in this section are around steering, pedal control and secondary controls.

Section two

The other half of the vehicle modifications section is dedicated to getting in and out of vehicles and wheelchair stowage. Here you can explore aids to assist people with a physical disability travel safely and securely.

vehicle modifications

Our modifications and equipment are installed by our highly skilled technicians in Morphett Vale SA.

To see some of the products that we have highlighted for you, feel free to visit our newest vehicle modifications page. You can click on the picture above or find it all in the toolbar at the top of the page. If an idea comes to light, email us so at and we’ll schedule a driver’s assessment for you and maybe let you try one of our test vehicles.