What It Feels Like to Lose Your Driver’s Licence

Hi everyone, this month we thought we would share a client story and some of the emotions behind what if feels like to lose your driver’s licence on medical grounds. We thank our client for allowing us to share this story with you all. It takes a lot of courage to share inner feelings. After reading this, if you too need assistance with getting back on the road, make sure you contact us via our contact page.

Driving is a part of me.

I  was born in ‘Horse and Buggy ‘era, around the 1920’s. Even as a small boy, I was already greatly interested in cars I  used to sneak out to the nearest main road, just to see if an odd one would pass by. And it did, I can still remember how it looks like –  all shiny, engine rumbling and this new, wonderful smell of exhaust fumes!
Later on in life, having my first car was both my pride and joy and also a necessity for holding down employment. It was great to take it in and out of the country, enjoying the exhilaration of driving and observing beautiful scenery passing by.
I  have been driving and riding various motor vehicles over the past 70 years, and with only a few scratches or “battle scars,” as some would say it, to the beautiful vehicles.

Giving up my Driver’s Licence

I was so used to driving, I enjoy the feeling every time I would step into my car and go to different places with my friends and family. Little did I know, all of it would end.
Roughly 18 months back, my horror started when I was at my Doctor’s office. My Doctor no longer was prepared to sign my Licence Renewal Form. I chose to hand my licence to Registrar of Motor Vehicles. My licence is currently suspended! A thousand things ran through my mind all at once. My Doctor started talking to me about various assessments I can take so I can have my licence back.
Through the auspices of the RSB and their Eye Specialist, they organised a Driving  Test with the Government for me – which I  failed. This is because of very strict application of Road Traffic Rules, also add in the fact that I was not sure which aspect of driving I was being tested on.

What does losing my licence and ability to drive mean to me?

There are two aspects to this ongoing, persistent and soul-destroying debility.
One is the mental side which is the hardest to bear. The other is physical, which is a bit easier to overcome, but with great patience.
Mentally, my complete normal lifestyle has been shattered; driving was a large, integral part of my life, which was suddenly, and if not, brutally taken away by bureaucracy!
The finality of it all left me numb, disconsolate and depressed. There was absolutely nothing to replace it with! Gone were the days of leisurely driving and listening to my own music and enjoying the experience of country scenery flowing past me.
Physically, it feels like a handicap. I was completely reliant on other peoples’ charity. I know for a fact that they will soon get tired of taking you places and would eventually start to refuse and procrastinate.
This makes it difficult to lead a normal life. Why? Every time you are doing a job around the house and run out of some small item, you have to ask to be taken to the hardware shop, or wait until next week’s shopping day. Same goes for attending my club, to meet my friends and converse in my native language, attend our Church, various performances and sing with others in a Male Choir.
This restrictive regime makes one resentful, morose and even depressed, and a sour old man, difficult to live with by the family.
This is a story submitted by one of our clients with their permission. Names are removed for their own privacy. Please watch out for our second installation of this story.
If you or a family member suffer from similar feelings from losing a driver’s licence through medical grounds, Williams OT may be able to assist and get you back on the road. Contact us at admin@williamsot.com to find out if we can help you. If you need to talk to someone qualified to assist with significant emotional side effects associated with a loss of your licence, please contact Beyond Blue or Life Line

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