Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

It’s another year for us to help out people with disabilities to gain their independence through driving and mobility. And we are all super excited to see where this year leads us! But first, how about a recap of our 2021?

We released a podcast!

Last year, Brad Williams, together with Ali Akbarian or Mobility Engineering released a podcast called Drive-ABLE Podcast where they interview people with disabilities, talk about the latest technology in vehicle modifications and so much more! If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you subscribe to their podcast channels so you can be updated with the latest episodes!

Williams OT Turns 10

We celebrated our 10th year anniversary in line with OT Week 2021. 

We thank everyone from the disability community for trusting us to help people to drive cars, trucks, motorbikes and anything else with wheels, plus helping people with disabilities get out and about in the community as a passenger. We would not be celebrating 10 years without you.

Williams OT became Get Home Safe Foundation’s newest Silver Member

We are proud to be a board member of the get home safe foundation and also a member of ADTASA. Two great programs coming together to further road safety

Spinner Knobs? We got you covered!

This client has had a stroke affecting the right arm and we are testing out a newly installed Williams OT Spinner Knob before handing it over to the client.

Driving with Autism? Yes you can!

We have helped numerous clients with autism to become safe, defensive, and confident drivers on the road! Riannah and Nathan here are just some of our clients who you will be seeing on the road very soon! Congratulations!

Presenting at the Regional Road Safety Alliance

CEO Brad Williams had a blast presenting at the Regional Road Safety alliance with the Get Home Safe Foundation! Loving all the other great car modifications too!

Telehealth during COVID lockdown

COVID is still a pain in everyone’s behind but we are all coping and finding ways to help each other. We offered telehealth consultations, pre-drive assessments online, and so much more!

Williams OT Going the Extra Mile (or more!)

Part of the job of being an Occupational Therapist at Williams OT is traveling to help rural clients. We travel across suburbs, but also across the state, and even interstate in order to help out and assess our clients properly. This is so we can check out the area you are going to drive through and give you the proper recommendation on which vehicle modification will best fit your needs.

Here’s CEO Brad Williams practicing his “Port Lincoln wave”

Vehicle Assessments

Here at Williams OT, we help our clients who drive all sorts of vehicles – from sedans, SUVs, motorcycles, and even tractors and trucks! We also help carers and those who are in need of vehicle modifications. All in order to better help them gain back independence and be able to drive safely and comfortably on the road.

Work and Play!

We had a new simulator for all our clients but of course, our staff takes a spin on it! A few fun and games between the Driver Trained OTs at Williams OT.

Who’s got what it takes? Staff pride in the line. And, the winner is…….

Testing out the new simulator for our clients

That’s about it for our 2021 Recap. We had helped a lot of clients and had a lot of achievements all because of you! We look forward to doubling the number of clients that we will be helping out for 2022!