Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Happy New Year everyone! Well, for us, the new year means we get to open up our new office to you. We’re now located at 4 Deacon Ave, Richmond, SA – super convenient location for everyone. Just above Willshire Motor Trimmers.

Bigger parking space! Spot our Williams OT car 😉

Our neat signages which you can easily see at the entrance of the building.

The modifications workshop is also inside our new office building – so you can easily see how we work with top-notch suppliers and also take a look at how your vehicle modifications are being installed.

Bonus: Our new office is just right next door to the Bell Corner shopping area on South Road and just down the road from the Mile End Home Maker Center and Bunnings. So after you’ve come to visit us to book in your assessment, you can do a bit of shopping! 😉

So that’s a wrap of and quick tour of our new office. Please do visit Myself, and the Williams OT team and our new suppliers, Willshire Mobility/Motor Trimmers and we will happily welcome and assist you with high-quality assessment and intervention service when it comes to Occupational Therapy and driving! Again, we’re located at 4 Deacon Ave, Richmond, SA just above Willshire Motor Trimmers and beside the Bell Corner shopping area.