Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

Hey everyone, how was the start of 2019 for you? Well for us, January 2019 sure was a really busy month for us.

First off, we just moved into our new office at 4 Deacon Ave., Richmond SA.

We have been talking about our move non-stop since last year and now we’ve finally settled in and we are super happy! Our new office is just above Willshire Motor Trimmers. Willshire is a major player in vehicle modifications for all kinds of vehicles – including disability. We have formed a strong working relationship to make the process for our clients easier to navigate with a quicker turnaround.

We have a bigger parking space, we’re also just right next door the Bell Corner shopping area and just down from the Mile End Home Maker Center and Bunnings! Click here to check out a mini tour of our new office!

Featured Client

Ripping the long head of the bicep off the bone is not fun. Mrs Smith had pulled her long bicep tendon off the bone sometime in 2018 and thus, giving her limited function of her right shoulder/arm. She had done much physiotherapy which helped her improve the strength of her muscles and function well. However, she’s still having a few problems when it comes to steering the wheel of her car.

She was initially referred for a spinner knob. However, after a couple of assessments, we came to the conclusion that all she needed was the correct seating position in order to improve her driving. the right OT assessment can save a lot of stress and money.

Featured Vehicle Modification

Meet the RB Systems JoySpinner – it has a built in remote control joystick which gives the driver up to 12 different secondary driving operations.

It has different functions such as turn signals, horn, flash beam, wipers, and so much more. Click here to know more about the RB Systems JoySpinner or email us on how we can help you install this in your vehicle!

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