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Well, what do you know, the end of the financial year is already here! We’ve been so busy with new team members joining, helping out our clients, and teaching at Uni that we haven’t noticed the days go by.

Get Home Safe Foundation Gala Evening

June 2019

Brad, CEO of Williams OT is a member of the GET HOME SAFE FOUNDATION. It is a great cause an I encourage anyone who is interested in road safety to get involved with a membership for just $25.

The Get Home Safe Foundation are excited to be holding our inaugural  Gala Evening in Ayers House, Adelaide on 10th August 2019 and we would love to see you there. Don’t want to be a member but want to support a great cause, you can get your ticket on the link below.

You can purchase tickets at  or by email  at

Featured Vehicle Modification

We’ve recently installed this nifty Carospeed E Hand Control for one of our happy clients. Not only is the Carospeed incredibly easy to use it is also fits in nicely for a factory look. Click here for more information about the Carospeed Hand Control, or you can email us on

This month’s featured blog post

Equal Pay for Equal Work?

June 2019

The NDIS new Price Guide is out and Physios are going to get paid $30 an hour more than any other allied health professionals!!! Does this make sense?

Why hasn’t any SA data or other fee schedules been used as references for OT’s when setting fees for OT’s in SA (and Australia wide)? e.g. RTWSA OT fee schedule, Lifetime Support Authority data, WA WorkCover. Why isn’t the physio and OT hourly rate the same?

Have OT’s traditionally not been assertive enough?

Is now the right time to correct this historical blip and respect our OT’s?

Are there any physiotherapists who will step up and support their OT colleagues in calling for fairness and equity?

This independent review needs review. Click here to read the full article.

Blast from the past – read one of past featured blog posts

What it feels like to lose your driver’s licence

June 2019

We thank our client for allowing us to share this story with you all. It takes a lot of courage to share inner feelings. After reading this, if you too need assistance with getting back on the road, make sure you contact us via Click here to read the full blog

Some interesting articles for you

At Williams OT we stay abreast of the latest research to do with driving and much more. Come back every month and check out what is new and let us do all the filtering for you. If you are an OT member you have access to Pubmed and other publications though your membership and can get access to many of these articles without further costs.

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