Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

February has gone by and boy, it’s been a fun-filled one. We’ve had some goodbyes, and we learned a lot as well!

Before we start on to review this month’s highlights, we’d like to let everyone know that one of our OTs, Trevor Masefield has suffered an unfortunate ankle injury and might not be available for some time. We wish him a very speedy recovery. So, if you have any appointments or bookings with our dear Trevor, you can contact us at or call 0466 592 891 so we can reschedule your booking.

Now, with that said and without further ado, here are our highlights for the month of February.

Goodbye and See You Around, Michelle

Michelle, one of our team members is leaving us to travel around Australia and move into a different stage in life.

Michelle will be sadly missed. Her bubbly personality, zest for life and commitment to clients could always be counted on. She was our first permanent OT employee at Williams OT and she has seen the business grow and has had a huge impact on that development.

We are all struggling to get over this, but nevertheless, the team wishes her all the best in her coming adventures. See you around, Michelle!

Attention Occupational Therapists

Are you an OT? Or do you know one? Well then, this video’s for you to watch! Check it out below:

Specialised Driving Instructor Service and Driving Instructor – What’s the Difference?

Do you know that a Driving Instructor and a Specialised Driving Instructor are two different areas of service? So, whether you are a plan manager, support coordinator, a client, or even family members of clients, this one’s for you! Click here to read more…

Training with Mobility Engineering

The team from Williams OT received a short training from Amin from Mobility Engineering and it was fantastic! We are always learning and improving so we can lead the way when it comes to helping people with disabilities to drive and access the community via a vehicle.

It was a fantastic professional development opportunity for the entire team from OTs and the modifiers. Thanks again, Amin.

Local Assessments? This can be done!

Driving in Adelaide can be completely different from some of South Australia’s country towns and being assessed in the local area can make a massive difference. Check out this video below from Brad and know why the team from Williams OT believes that local driver assessment is a must.

Having trouble with your vehicle modification funding?

Attention driver trained OTs, vehicle modifiers for disability, and clients looking to get funding approved for vehicle mods.

The video below is a must-watch!

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