Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

What, is it March already? We were so busy helping out lots of clients with their driving independence this February, it has flown by too fast! Okay, so, to catch up with February, here’s this month’s highlights.

We previously posted a search for our next Driver Trained OT. We are very much grateful with the feedback we received with our add and the applications received. Interviews are already in the process and should be complete soon.

Applications may be closed but as we are continuously growing, so if you are a qualified driver trained OT and are interested to work with one of Australia’s top driver/disability business, you can still send in your CV and cover letter to so next time we are looking for our next superstar, you could be the first one that we will contact.

Featured Client

Our featured client here was caught in the Pinery fires last 2015. He suffered head to toe burns including lung damage, the loss of sight in one eye, amputation of the right arm and amputation of the left hand. He has worked extremely hard in rehab to regain function of his limbs following significant scar tissue and is now ready to investigate driving. The video shows him controlling the car but an OT assessment looks at so much more. Our assessment looks at other functions like opening the car door, putting on and taking off his seat belt, putting on the indicators and starting the car. He has a long road to go, but the journey has started and we will be with him throughout his journey to independence.

Featured Modification

Here’s one of the pedal extension modification we’ve come across during one of our assessments. The blocks have been screwed on to the pedals, looking haphazard and well, it doesn’t look really neat does it?

February 2019

This is the type of pedal extension we recommend. The newer version, which looks neat and classy at the same time, can be removed anytime for other drivers such as the Raa, mechanic or other family memebrs, offers better heel support, and most importantly, can be adjusted. Which one would you prefer?

February 2019

Featured Blog

Who is Williams OT?

February 2019

Like any other company, we here at Williams OT live by our core values, share one vision and mission. But we are not ones to put it up on the wall for show and just ignore them. We want to share them with you so you can see what we are about, but also for you to keep us accountable. Click here to continue reading…

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What it feels like to lose your Driver’s License?

February 2019

Sharing with you all a client story and some of the emotions behind what if feels like to lose your driver’s licence on medical grounds. We thank our client for allowing us to share this story with you all. It takes a lot of courage to share inner feelings. Click here to continue reading…

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