Assisting people with disabilities with their mobility needs.

September has been a very busy month for us and we hardly even notice that it’s almost October already! Read through below and check out our highlights for the month of September.

Tseptember 2018his month, we have been a part of a vehicle conversion conference in Sydney wherein we have checked and trialled some of the newest modifications available. But one of the highlights from our trip is meeting the main man, Ali from Mobility Engineering.
 Mobility Engineering is an awesome company supplying products for driving with a disability but also for disability transport. Please check them out and search for them on YouTube and make sure you hit their subscribe button.


september 2018We also had a fantastic time with Abilities Occupational Therapy, educating them on OT driver assessments and letting them have a play with the modified car. If you need an OT service in country SA and the outer Adelaide area make sure you check them out. They really are an awesome team (and put on an awesome spread for their teams PD days let me tell you ?).



september 2018

We also recently attended the latest Disability and Lifestyle Expo in Adelaide Showgrounds. Happy that we were able to assist many potential drivers with information that they need. Soon, they’ll be experiencing the freedom of independent driving, which we are very much looking forward to.

september 2018September Featured Blog Post

Nick’s story and progress were one of our favourites. Nick’s desire to drive and be able to be independent is what had kept us going and keep pushing to try different modifications that would suit him and his condition. We had installed his vehicle with the latest state-of-the-art technology called, Space Drive.
Similarly, we’ll be having a modified high-level assessment vehicle for trial. The Total Ability van has similar features such as a remote steering wheel, power accelerators, voice controls for wipers and lights – how cool is that? It also has controls for one-handed steering and also foot steering for those who have bilateral upper issues. Click here to read more about our latest blog post.

september 2018September Featured Vehicle Modification

Here is a push radial hand control which means you push it forward for the break and patted down towards your knee to accelerate. Zach installed it into an old 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser so we can take an off-road trip around Australia.
Do you want or need this kind of modification for your car? We have more options for you or you can email us through





september 2018
I am also happy to meet one of the stars of the TV show “Taboo” Khoa. He lost both legs in a car crash and has robotic prosthetic legs. And yes, he can definitely drive. Check out his video as he drives me around and shows me his cool car modifications.







Meet Serena

We here at Williams OT are very happy that Serena has finally got here P-plates! Great work Serena.

Serena was diagnosed with Hippel-Feil syndrome, cervical fusion, short stature, left upper limb shortage, left radius deficiency and missing fingers on the left hand, and scoliosis. But we didn’t let stand in the way of her dream to be independent and experience the freedom associated with driving.
september 2018

Here’s a video of Serena using the modifications we have fitted for her.

Serena has learned to drive with pedal extensions (but did not need these in her vehicle) and a spinner knob and indicator extension. She also has blind spot mirrors and a handbrake extension.
Serena committed herself to learn how to use these modifications and is now a smiling P-plater.

Is one spinner knob just like the rest?

Brad explains all about it in his video below. Click the image below to watch

september 2018

Total Ability High Assessment Vehicle

Coming to Adelaide this October

september 2018

The Total Ability assessment van offers drive from wheelchair testing with controls such as a remote mini steering wheel, fully electronic power-assisted accelerator and brake and voice-controlled secondary controls such as indicators and wipers and lights. The van also has full joystick controls being installed for one-handed operation and might be available for the upcoming visit. Such controls are excellent for clients with no leg function with weak upper limb control but still have a desire to drive and be independent. The van also has the option of foot steering with a client has bilateral upper limb issues.

The van will be coming in this October 15-26th, so if you want to test in the modifications offered, which are pretty similar to what Nick is using in our feature story above, then feel free to email us at

For more information about the van, click here to download the brochure.

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